a new year

graceline | illustration + calligraphy

isn't it always hard to believe it when we say goodbye to the previous year + hello to the next?  time seems to fly by more + more quickly each year!

although there has always been a part of me that gets a little sad that the year is ending, there is another part of me that loves the though of a clean fresh year + a time to reflect + plan for the year ahead.  it is always filled with promise + possibilities!  i always am caught up in thoughts of how i can be better in the new year.  more faithful to read my bible, be a better wife, a better friend, a better artist, more efficient with my time, new goals set, the list goes on!

one thing that i keep coming back to this year is the word 'simplify'.  if you follow along with me you probably already know that i value simplicity - in many forms.  from my design aesthetic to my lifestyle i long for calmness + simplicity. far too often i find myself getting caught up in busyness - especially being a small business owner.  being busy seems to go hand in hand with that all too often.

i all too often end up wondering if i am doing enough for this little business, if i am working hard enough, putting in enough hours. after all of the client work, e-mails + deadlines are met, i admit that i often have nothing left so the other projects that i dream about end up not getting done. it can be easy to get discouraged + wonder if i am making the right choices. though i love what i do, there are other aspects + avenues with my art that i dream about pursuing as well + it can be hard to know which are the right ones in which to invest my time.

as i dream + plan for this new year, i want to keep in mind my desire for simplicity in all aspects + to tailor my goals to align with that ideal.  how can i work smarter + simplify daily tasks? how can i simplify our client process? our home? my closet (ha, ha)?

i will share more detailed goals for this year as the month goes on (like blogging more + creating a blogging schedule!) but for now i am still resting with the idea of simplicity. do you choose a word for your new year?  what are some of your goals? i would love to hear!