calligraphy class in nashville

one of my dearest cousins is getting married in tenessee in a few weeks + i will be staying a few extra days + driving over to nashville to teach a calligraphy class at the dress theory!  i always love getting to teach, but i am especially excited about this class as i will finally get to meet the lovely ladies at the dress theory who are hosting us as well as the lovely jessica sloane who will be styling for us.  i have been in love with jessica's effortless, elegant, organic style ever since i first saw her work.  i am honored to be partnering with these women!

if you live in or near nashville we would love to have you join is for a relaxing morning to get away + learn something new! if know anyone who may be interested please pass this along to them as well.  you can use the code 'ink' at checkout to save $25 on the class. 

looking forward to meeting some of you there!