autumn thoughts

graceline illustration + calligraphy | autumn thoughts

autumn has been especially beautiful here in porltand this year.  i grew up in san deigo, california + though people often ask me if i miss it, the truth is that though i miss my family + good friends, i do not miss san diego itself.  yes, the ocean is beautiful + the sun is usually shining - except for the may grey + june gloom - however, to me those things just do not compare with the beautiful trees, the mild seasons + yes, even the grey, rainy days that we have here.

my mother is from east tennessee + i remember a few trips that we were able to take back east in the autumn.  even as a child i remember being struck by the immense beauty of ridge after ridge as the summer greens burst into vibrant shades of goldenrod, bittersweet,  rust + sienna.  i think that my love of autumn was first ingrained in my hear there.

so often, southern california gets a warm, or this year a hot spell in the fall + i remember longing for cool, crisp weather, changing leaves, scarves, cozy rainy days in + nice warm drinks. now that we are living in a place that really does get a beautiful autumn, i do not take any of it for granted. 

i often when i am out for a walk or even driving around on errands, i will bring home fallen branches + pretty leaves. i think that john has gotten used to this + my constantly dreamily stating how beautiful the trees are at nearly every turn when we are driving.  i cannot help it - this season makes my heart happy!

graceline illustration + calligrpahy | autumn thoughs

anyway, this weekend was just a particularly beautiful one + i get lost in the beauty of god;s artistry + creation the most at this time of the year.  what is your favorite season?  are you an autumn girl like me? 

i am currently working on a few more printables for autumn + thanksgiving that you can use for your own dinner or just to brighten your day + be a reminder to be extra mindful of the blessings that we have been given this time of year. they should be up + ready by the end of the week!