love what you do

graceline illustration + calligraphy

i did not always have a creative career.  in fact, i went to school + got my degree in accounting - definitely not much room for creativity there!  there were many many days that i would sit at my desk wishing that i could be creating beautiful stationery + art, but i did not think that would ever happen.

i will share the rest of my story another time. for now though, let me just encourage any of you out there who are either dreaming of doing something that you love + feel that it will never happen or who are struggling to keep up with your creative business on the top of a full time day-job that you can do it!

i love this quote above 'let the beauty you love be what you do'.  it is encouraging for those who are dreaming of doing what they love, to be brave + go for it. i was one who was too scared to take that leap for a long time, but god allowed circumstances in my life that pushed me out of my comfort zone + it was the best thing that could have happened.

it is also a wonderful reminder for those of us who are running a creative business + who may be getting burned out or discouraged with all of the necessary but not-so-fun things about operating a business.  it brings us back to remember that we are doing something that we love; to be grateful + continue to find + return to that love that drew us to do this in the first place.

i know that sometimes i get weary, even though i am doing something that was once only a dream.  to remember that these beautiful things that i love + that bring me joy are things that i am so fortunate to get to do for a living is a humbling blessing!

remember that you have been blessed with talents + interests that you are meant to use to bless others! 

have a beautiful weekend!