free halloween printables part 2

if you follow me on instagram then you have probably seen a few pictures of our little white rabbit kirby.  i know that i am biased because he is ours but i think he is pretty much the cutest rabbit there is!  his 'little house' as we call his area is upstairs in the studio right next to my desk.  needless to say he keeps molly + me quite entertained during the day.

i love to paint + illustrate animals, but we have been working on so many weddings this year + most brides are not looking for cute animals to go on their wedding suites. so whenever there is an opportunity to get to paint something for children or a holiday that is where my mind goes.  i hope to work on more prints + children's projects in the coming year!

these little buns were of course inspired by our own lop-eared bunny - not that he would let me put him in a costume, but i used my imagination!  these little ones will be available for free download below + a print of all three is up in our market here.

like with yesterday's printables, feel free to get creative + use these however you wish - i only ask that you do not reproduce them for sale or commercial use + credit when posting.  snap a picture of how you used any of the halloween printables + use the hashtag #gracelineprintables + we will pick our favorite to win a print of their choice!

what are you doing this weekend?  do you have a great costume for yourself or your little ones?   i sort of miss dressing up!

whatever you do have fun, safe + happy halloween!

click below to download individual bunnies

witch bunny | ghost bunny | vampire bunny