photography by maria lamb of  anthem photography

photography by maria lamb of anthem photography

hello! i have wanted to have a blog for years but have never actually hit 'publish' before now, so if is with equal parts excitement and nerves to actually start sharing little bits and pieces of my business, and myself. 

for the few of you who may know me, i always have a head full of dreams but for most of my life, i have been content for them to stay dreams - or at least too timid to try.  taking the risk and the first steps to making at least some of those dreams a reality has been difficult, but - as anyone who has gone for their dream knows - so worth it.

i have been overwhelmed and humbled by the extreme kindness and support of so many of you who have already been a source of encouragement to me.  i am grateful to everyone who has reached out and for each and every kind word said.  i do not deserve the blessings that god has given me, but i want to be a faithful servant and to live and conduct my business in a way this will bring him glory.

this year has brought so much change for me in almost every area of my life - more on that later - but this change of finally having my little blog feels pretty good!

xo jenny